Alloy Master Links


• Alloy steel — Quenched & Tempered.
• Individually Proof Tested to values shown, with certification.
• Design Factor of 5 to 1.
• Proof Tested with 60% inside width special fixtures sized to prevent
localized point loading per ASME A-952.
• Each main link is marked with Product Identification Code (PIC) for material
traceability, Grade, CE, chain size and the “CG” (Crosby Group). Each
sublink is marked with traceability code.
• 7/8″ through 2″ A-345 master links are type approved to DNV Certification
Notes 2.7-1- Offshore Containers. These Crosby master links are 100%
proof tested, MPI and impact tested. The tests are conducted by Crosby and
3.1 test certification is available upon request.
• Engineered Flat for use with S-1325A coupler link.
• Fatigue rated to 20,000 cycles at 1-1/2 times the Working Load Limit.
• Meets or exceeds all requirements of ASME B30.26 including identification,
ductility, design factor, proof load and temperature requirements.
Importantly, these links meet other critical performance requirements
including fatigue life, impact properties and material traceability, not
addressed by ASME B30.26.

A-345 Master Link Assembly with Engineered Flat

5:1 Design Factor. The maximum individual sublink working load limit is 75% of the assembly working load limit. Sublink for 3.25” and 4” is 61% of the assembly working load limit. Applications with wire rope and synthetic sling generally require a design factor of 5. Proof Test Load equals or exceeds the requirement of ASTM A952(8.1) and ASME B30.9. Chain slings require that the Minimum Ultimate Load be 4 times the Working Load Limit. Refer to applications & warnings to determine products actual Ultimate Load. Proof Test Load equals or exceeds the requirement of ASTM A952(8.1) and ASME B30.9-1.4 for the chain size and number of legs. †Proof Tested to 2.5 times the Working Load Limit with 70 percent fixtures.