• Top washer has the following features:
• The Working Load Limit and recommended torque value are permanently stamped into each washer.
• Washer is color-coded for easy identification: Red – UNC thread.
• Individually Proof Tested to 2-1/2 times Working Load Limit.
• Bolt specification is an alloy socket head cap screw to ASTM A 574.
• All threads listed are UNC.
• BOLT SIZE IDENTIFICATION: The size of the bolt will be stated as in the drawing above. Illustration shows meaning of each
dimension given.

HR-125 UNC Threads

5:1 Design Factor. *4:1 Design Factor when tested in 90 degree orientation. †Long Bolts are designed to be used with soft metal (i.e., aluminum) workpiece. While the long bolts may also be used with ferrous metal (i.e.,steel & iron) workpiece, short bolts are designed for ferrous workpieces only. Hex head bolt used on Frame 8 (100,000 lb) Hoist Ring.