Quality is top priority

  • Fatigue tested.
  • Forged alloy steel.
  • Quenched and tempered.
  • 100 % proof load of each BK hook.
  • Full traceability back to the raw material.

Precision manufacturing

  • Perfect fit between the parts.
  • Increases safety during operation.

Clear markings

  • Country of origin.
  • Traceability codes.
  • Model, size and grade.

Fluorescent colour

  • For high visibility in the field.

Flat section

  • For attachment to other
    GrabiQ or wire components

Latch rotation stop

  • Protects the trigger
    mechanism from damage.

Replaceable trigger set

  • Quick and easy assembly.
  • Available as a complete spare part kit.

Recessed trigger

  • To avoid the trigger from snagging
    or being damaged, it has been
    recessed into the body of the hook.
  • Helps to prevent the latch from
    accidentally opening.



  • The eye design enables
    connection to not only G-links,
    but also C-links, Bergloks and wire components.
  • The design makes the BK
    hook suitable for both chain and steel wire ropes.
  • Perfect fit between latch and hook.



  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Full mobility in the first chain link, +- 90o.
  • Fool proof, only correct size of chain will fit.
  • No need for coupling link,
    which makes the chain sling
    shorter and cost effective.



  • Spacious swivel eye for a perfect fit with CL etc
  • Heavy duty bronze bearing.
  • Castellated nut that is locked
    with double lock pins for a more robust and heavy duty design.
  • The BKL hook can easily be
    turned into right position before load is lifted.



  • Heavy duty ball-bearing.
  • Bearing protected by heavy
    duty housing.
  • The BKLK hook makes it
    possible for the load to easily
    rotate during the lifting operation.